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初月現為自由身工作者, 遊走於舞台、繪畫、攝影各界別。因熱愛不同類型的服裝及文化,2015-2020年曾經營日本古著網店「橡子女孩」,專營日本和服及古著,5年來分別在在香港、台灣、澳門各地參加互外及室外市集,包括:香港Pinkoi市集、澳門〈Flea Market〉〈Pepperland市集〉、台灣〈邊緣人市集〉等各大市集。因喜愛日本傳統文化、近年也完成了和服着付課程,並偶然會在〈月夜和裝〉裡幫忙和服着付。

初月從小亦以創作個人插畫探索自身。最終在2020年將自己的插畫品牌以《月淨素室 Moonheal Circle》定下名稱, 寓意自己在創作的過程中透過從自身內在空間的消化從而帶出最真實的自己, 與世界溝通, 去用盡自己能夠做到的方式去表達自己的觀點和信念, 一點一點地點亮不同人內在的光, 形成一個光的網絡。《月淨素室》的產品現階段除了有原畫,另以刊物,紙品文具為主, 希望能夠將插畫融入生活。

FLOS graduated from HKDI (Fashion Design) in 2013, and applied for HKAPA afterward. She graduated from HKAPA in 2017 (1st HONS Bachelor in Fine Art, School of Theatre and Entertainment Arts, Major in Theatre Design), the graduation show is 'Noises Off'.

In her student life, she was being awarded as Outstanding Student of VTC in 2011, the HKSAR Government Scholarship during 2011 to 2013, the HKJC Scholarship during 2013 to 2017, and Outstanding Student of School of TEA during graduation. Recent design works included 'Rashomon', and her designs in 'Rashomon' were being nominated as The Best Costume Design and The Best in Makeup and Styling.

FLOS is now a freelancer in Theatre, Photography, and illustration. As FLOS is Enthusiastic in different culture and costumes, in 2015-2020 she had owned an online shop, 'Dottori Shojyo' selling Japanese kimono and vintage fashion. Throughout the 5 years running Dottori, FLOS had visited different countries and joined different vintage market, included ‘Pinkoi Market’ in Hong Kong, ‘Flea Market’ and ‘Pepperland Market’ in Macau, and ‘Edge Work’ in Taiwan, etc. As FLOS’ passion toward Japanese culture continuous to light up her curiosity, FLOS has also learned the ways to wear kimono. FLOS is also helping customers in Moon Night Kimono (Hong Kong) to dress in kimono as a part time.

FLOS used to explore herself by illustrating human figure and related costumes. Finally in 2020 decided to use 'Moonheal Circle' for her illutration brand, implicating the processes of finding herself trueself when illutrating, and to use resource she finds in her inner world to communicate with the world, and to light up the spark in everyone's heart. 

Work Experience

  • For Theatre job, please go to Theatre Design for more photos and details

2020 - now       Part time Kitsukeshi (着付師) in Moon Night Kimono
2017 - now        Freelance Designer, Costume Supervisor, Dresser in the Theatre Industry 

2015﹣2020      Art Director and Branding at Dottori Shojyo (橡子女孩)

2013﹣2015       Part time Photographer and Model at  Dottori Shojyo (橡子女孩)

2011﹣2016       Part time Art supplies promoter and demonstrator at Creative Arts Development Ltd.

2012﹣2013      Summer course part time teacher at School of Creativity


2017 APR 29      香港演藝學院(HKAPA) 關你小事 (四月號) [訪問內容] [關於攝影]

2017 MAY 02     香港演藝學院(HKAPA)《演藝之旅》2016/17 - 魔幻舞台 [訪問內容]

2017 MAR 15     MAD Asia 青涌生活節 Kwai Tsing Daily at West Kowloon 訪問 [訪問內容]


2019                    香港電台RTHK 第28屆香港舞台劇獎 28th Hong Kong Drama Awards
                             Nominations of the Best Costume Design Awards & the Best Makeup Styling Awards
                             [RTHK OFFICIAL SITE]

2013﹣2017         The Hong Kong Jockey Club Scholarship, from the Hong Kong Jockey Club (2013/14)

2017                     HKAPA Schools' Outstanding Student Awards

2017                     HKAPA Schools' Dean's Prize Schoolarship

2015                     Global Champion, Festival Mondial de L'image sous-Marine, Marseille, France

2013/14                HKSAR Government Scholarship Fund, from the HKSAR Government

2012                      1st Prize, Mizyal Gallery Museum International Children Art Competition,
                              from Turkey Mizyal Gallery Museum

2012                      Clean Air initiative for Asian Cities Special Award (the 11th intl. Art Contest),
                              Environment Action Association (EAA), Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities

2012                     VTC Outstanding Student Award (2010/11), from Vocational Training Center (VTC)

2011                     3rd prize in 2011 International Year of Forest Art and Design Competition, 
                             from Po Leung Kuk Education Bureau

2011                     'Always Green, Always Blue' Exhibition Award, 
                             The 16th Internationa Children's and Young People's Art Competition,
                             From the Children's Creative Art Centre and Gallery in Torun, Poland
                             and was being invited to Torun, Poland for ceremony award (1 week trip)

2011                     1) 1st Place Anime Subgenre, Aged 14-17 years old
                             2) 2nd Place Overall Two Dimentional Visual Art, Aged 14-17 ears old
                             From 18th International Academy of Astronautics Human in Space Symposium Youth
                             Art Competition, NASA Ames Research Centre


Kwai Fong, Hong Kong

(+852) 6926 1328


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